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Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, Curd & Fruit Honey Recipes

Apricot Chipotle (freezer, lower sugar)
Berry (no-cook, freezer)
(Yellow) Cherry (w/o added pectin)
Cranberry-Orange (stovetop, w/o added pectin)
Cranberry Orange Jam with Ginger (stovetop, w/o added pectin)
Honey Lime Curd (link)
Italian Prune-Plum (slow cooked, w/o added pectin)
Lime w/Ginger & Vanilla
Lime Marmalade (link)
Peach (no-cook, freezer)
Peach Balsamic (cooked, freezer)
(Peach) Zucchini (freezer or processed)
Pear Butter (Simply Recipes link)
Pear Honey with Balsamic Vinegar (slow-cooked, w/o added pectin)
Pear Jam (slow-cooked, w/o added pectin)
Pear-Orange Honey w/Cranberries (w/o added pectin)
Pear Vanilla Jam (slow-cooked, without added pectin)
Plum (Italian Prune) (slow cooked, w/o added pectin)
Strawberry Balsamic (freezer or processed, lower sugar)
Watermelon (slow cooked, w/o added pectin)
Zucchini (Peach) (freezer or processed)

Pickles, Chutneys, Salsas & Condiments

Giardiniera (processed; also refrigerator pickles w/olive oil & garlic)
Peach Salsa (fresh and canned)
(Sweet) Pepper Relish (Kathy Brown’s 2009 NY State Fair Grand Prize Cook-Off Winner)
Pesto (citrus)
Red Wine Mustard (grainy, w/processing directions)
Roasted Garlic Mustard (grainy, w/processing directions)

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