California State Fair Jam: 2009 Canning, pickling and jamming results

25 09 2009
Image by themaxsons via Flickr

Some state fairs are much larger than others — and California’s state fair is a big one (the website url is even named It’s so big that I’m afraid it would take several blog posts to recognize by name all of the competitors and winners from the 2009 California State Fair’s competitions in Canning, Jams & Jellies, Fruits and Soft Spreads. So for this very big state fair, here are the links to the official competition results.

Big shout-outs to all of you home jammers and canners in California; now it’s time to get ready for your 2010 state fair.

California State Fair Jam & Jelly show results (19 page .pdf)
Pickle-Relish-Sauce-Salsa show results (8 page .pdf)
and Fruit & Soft Spreads results (5 page .pdf)
2009 Fair Dates: August 21 – September 7
official website

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