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23 09 2009

I make jams, pickles and salsas all year ’round, but I admit that when the first berries come to the farmer’s market in early June until the autumn’s killing frost is my pantry-making busy season. My fresh herbs are protected, so I’ll save drying them for last. It’s almost time to cut the herbs to dry, but before that will be pears, plums and apples to can, more zucchine to pickle, peppers to roast and can.

Unfortunately, high harvest is also my last chance to get in some camping weekends. When I can’t be in the kitchen playing with my own recipes, I’m sifting through everyone else’s summer of putting food by, marking which recipes I want to try.

My first posts on this blog were about the cookbooks on my canning bookshelf and my favorite online preserving resources. Some of my other favorite preserving and jamming resources are in the sidebar — linked in my blogroll.

Canning Across America: Canvolution (CAA) describes itself as “an ad-hoc collective of cooks, gardeners and food lovers committed to the revival of the lost art of “putting by” food.” I first discovered the Canvolution on Twitter, where several food bloggers including @SeattleTallPopp were talking about a Can-a-Rama. Before I knew it I was sharing recipes, and planning my own personal can-a-rama on the weekend of August 28 (in between making state fair entries!) The CAA site has recipes contributed by participating chefs and food lovers, an extensive list of sources and how-to’s on its resources page,  and keeps a calendar of upcoming events focused on canning, jamming and preserving.

A Crafty Lass, written by Erin McCleary, isn’t all about jam — but her Minnesota State Fair blue-ribbon jam recipes are all on my must-try list (especially one of her most recent: Peach Ginger Conserve.) Erin’s beautiful photos draw me into each recipe.

Charmian Christie writes Christie’s Corner, another blog that cooks more than jam and preserves. However, those recipes come with a sense of humor that always makes me smile (Real food. Real life. It ain’t always pretty. — what a tagline!) I found her first when her recipe for Butterscotch Peach Jam was suggested in my reader, and I was hooked. Christie is about to move her blog to WordPress (Oct. 1) and when that happens, I’ll be updating my blogroll link.

Cake and Commerce author Linsey includes many preserving recipes, including Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Jam (I’ll be trying that one as soon as I’m back from my fall camping trips!) You’ll also find recipes at C&C for pickles and fermented foods, and other whole and organic, locally-produced food ideas.

These are just a selection of the food writers, resources and recipes which keep me intrigued and inspired. I hope you’ll check them out while I’m busy checking out some nature in my outdoor kitchen!

What is the most inspired canning or preserving recipe you’ve stumbled upon in the past few months? Please share!

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3 10 2009

Do you know Hollow Legs? She’s on Twitter too.

Hollow Legs

3 10 2009

I do now…thanks so much for the link, Az!

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