NY State Fair Jam ’09, part 2: And the winner is…

29 08 2009
2009 NYS Fair Jam & Canning Winners

2009 NYS Fair Jam & Canning Winners

If you look hard at this picture of all canned food and jam entries which won 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, or honorable mention ribbons, you’ll see a 4-oz. jam jar with a white plastic cap and a red ribbon in the upper left corner of the display. That’s my Apricot Chipotle Jam, which took second place in this year’s New York State Fair Culinary Competition, Freezer Jam category. The bright green rosette in the top left corner is on Kathy Wood’s 1st-place, Canned Foods section-winning jar of Red Pepper Relish. Blue = 1st place, red = second, white = 3rd, and the yellow ribbons are awarded to NYS Fair entries which earn an Honorable Mention.

Second place isn’t a big cash prize (but it’s $5 more than I had yesterday!) My jam earned 97 points: 38/40 for taste, 29/30 for originality and 30/30 for appearance. The judges commented that my jam was ‘Very spicy & hot but very good, nice texture & appearance.’ Helen Lyon’s beautiful 1st-place Apricot Freezer Jam earned 98/100 points (and I’ll try to get that recipe!) All of the canning, jamming and preserving prize winners are on honor display for the entire 12 days of the fair in the showcase corner of the Art & Home Center at the Fairgrounds, where the culinary judging takes place every day.

Come by and visit–and be sure to pick up your copies of free recipes from class and competition sponsors, and a copy of last year’s grand prize winning entries!

New York State Fair (unofficial) Results: Culinary, Canned Foods
Thursday, August 27, 2009 – Class First Prize & *Section Winners

Chili Sauce: Kathy Wood
Vegetable Relish: Kathy Wood *
Chutney: Geri Bilotti
Dill Pickles: James Kluga
Sweet Pickles: John Gross
Canned or Pickled Fruit: Janet Bender
Canned or Pickled Vegetables: Mary Jane Kovachi
Canned Fruit or Vegetable Juice: no entry

New York State Fair (unofficial) Results: Culinary, Jams & Jellies

Friday, August 28, 2009 – Class First Prize & *Section Winners
Sweet Jelly: Yvonne Bakowski
Savory Jelly: Helen Lyons *
Jam or Marmalade: Rosemary Tomasetti
Preserves: no winner
Freezer Jam: Joan Archambeau (Apricot)

* Kathy Wood’s winning entry – Red Pepper Relish – won the Canned Foods Section. Helen Lyon’s winning entry – Flashy Red Onion Jelly – won the Jam & Jelly Section. Both Kathy and Helen will compete again on Labor Day in the New York State Fair Culinary competition section winners cook-off, where Kathy’s relish and Helen’s jelly will be judged against section winners from the other days of culinary judging.

And if I can get those prize-winning recipes, then with Kathy and Helen’s permissions I’ll share them here. Congratulations to everyone who entered and to those who took home a ribbon!




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2 09 2009

Thank you and congratulations on getting second prize. Reminded me so much of my mother in law and all the prizes she used to win at the Baking Fair in Scotland. Its hard work making jams and a good jam is really special.

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